joan merrill, author of the Casey McKie mysteries 
murder and mayhem in the world of jazz

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The audio versions of And All That Madness and
And All That Stalking are now available to download at and iTunes. The physical book (CDs) of And All That Madness is available at this site. Contact Hear a sample click here.

AND ALL THAT STALKING is now available as an audio book at, and iTunes.
To hear a sample, click here.
Or use this link:.

INTERVIEW WITH JOAN MERRILL, Podcast 457 from Straight No Chaser, a jazz show,
with Jeffrey Siegel.  Hear excerpt, click here.

Radio Host - The Vocalists with JM JAZZ. WETF-LP The Jazz Station, South Bend, Indiana
(to see a list of shows and to listen to a sampling, go to


What Is Jazz Singing Anyway? To find out, click here.









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