Alisa Clancy

 Alisa joined KCBS Radio as anchor in October 2021 after 35 years as Program Director/Morning Cup of Jazz Host at the Bay Area's Jazz Station KCSM and a short tenure at KFOX in the1990s.
She's also teaching Jazz History, writing documentaries and doing long-form journalism.

Joan Merrill:
As a KCSM listener, I always admired Alisa’s voice and personality. In fact, I had her do a voiceover job for me years ago.
So when I decided to do an audiobook of one of my mystery novels, I asked Alisa to do it and to my delight, she agreed. Our agreement was she records, I edit, which she liked.
What I discovered was not only does Alisa have a great voice, she can also act! She creates a different voice for each character, so a two-way conversation is completely believable. In the latest book. And All That Sea, her rendition of a Vietnamese woman is spot on.
So far, she’s done three of my five books, and currently number four is in production.

And All That Madness 2014

Audiobook on USB card available for purchase at The Corner Store.

The Audible edition of And All That Madness brings to life an intriguing tale of a present-day investigation into the long-ago death of Georgia Valentine, jazz singing star of the 1950s. Joan Merrill’s leading character, jazz-loving private eye Casey McKie, recounts events in a first-person narrative that lends itself admirably to an audio rendition. The reader is Alisa Clancy, (former) radio host of “Morning Cup of Jazz” at KCSM Jazz91, who has a warm, husky, thoroughly engaging voice. Alisa admirably tells this tale of jazz people, musicians and agents, former lovers of the dead diva, criminals and cops, jazz archivists and fans, all of whom are realistically portrayed. The author’s words and Alisa’s voice effortlessly conjure up the atmosphere, then and now, of New York’s jazz scene.

- Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal

"Another great mystery by Joan Merrill! She tells it well and realistically. We love our main character. The audio book has an excellent voice, lots of expression and contrast. Bravo!"

- R. A. Smith

"Such a fantastic topic and setting for a mystery! I had planned to listen to it in the car for my daily trek to work but found myself bringing it into the house and finishing it in one day. Having been listening to audio books since childhood, I am quite an expert at the fine art of storytelling and I have to say Ms. Clancey is the best I've heard."

- Alan Larson

"Listening to the audio And all That Madness was like watching a good movie with my ears. Loved it!!!! Outstanding work from Alisa Clancy!"

- Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs, JazzLine Radio and TV

"Through the excellent and nuanced narration of KCSM’s Alicia Clancy, the characters of this fifty- year-old cold case become vividly alive."

- Denise Perrier, jazz singer, San Francisco


Audiobook on USB card available for purchase at The Corner Store.

"I have read Joan Merrill’s previous books featuring jazz-loving private eye Casey McKie and was delighted to see that the series shows no sign of losing its grip. For those not in the know, the author is well established in the jazz world and especially in the Bay Area, which is where her novels are set, as agent, promoter and producer. Thus it is that the interplay between jazz musicians, club owners, promoters, journalists and fans all come with the ring of truth. And All That Motive is a thoroughly enjoyable (and hopefully fictitious) journey into the murderous underground beneath the world of jazz."

- Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal


Audiobook on USB card available for purchase at The Corner Store.

"In the audiobook And All That Sea, the listener is immediately hooked into a cast of characters worthy of an Agatha Christie mystery when a passenger, the Countess, goes missing. PI Casey springs into action questioning a Swiss couple, the Countess's maid, jazz musicians, and an odd American couple on board this jazz-themed cruise.
Helping visualize the characters is the excellent narration by Alisa Clancy, who seamlessly uses different voices for black jazz musicians, a Swiss couple, an Asian maid, and an American couple to name just a few. Clancy brings the mystery to life adding color and texture to the story."

- Karen Adair, San Diego, California

"The author does a good job developing several suspects with motives for doing away with the missing passenger, The Countess, but what impressed me most about this audiobook is the narrator’s talent. She developed a variety of voices, with several accents involved - Swiss, Nordic, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. At the same time, the characters represent a variety of ages and personalities –  Clancy handles them all with amazing believability. The many two-way conversations really do sound like two people talking!
If there is such a thing as an Academy Award for an audiobook narrator, Alisa Clancy should win it!"

- Shelley B. Fort Lauderdale, Florida


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