joan merrill, author of the Casey McKie mysteries 
murder and mayhem in the world of jazz

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       Jazz … suspense … murder

Author of the Casey McKie mystery series, Joan Merrill, announces the release the audiobook “And All That Motive” narrated by longtime radio host Alisa Clancy. 

      Set at festival grounds just south of San Francisco, “And All that Motive” has Casey racing against time to solve the killing of singer Sid Satin and remove suspicion from her best friend club owner and jazz vocalist Dee Jefferson.  

     Sorting through a raft of suspects, Casey eventually unravels the mystery
with one of the most surprising endings of the series.

"And All That Motive" audiobook in available at and
Less than $15. no membership required

“There are an excess of suspects and motives and very little chance that readers will be able to guess the identity of the murderer before it is revealed. But more significant than the actual case is the realistic atmosphere that Joan Merrill creates. The fictional jazz instrumentalists, singers and those involved in the business of jazz all sound and act realistically… While reading this book, one can practically hear the bebop-oriented soundtrack.... Jazz fans and those who like complex mysteries will enjoy this book.”   
-- Scott Yanow in Jazz Scene for the LA Times.
For full review, click here.

“The choice of Alisa Clancy as narrator is exemplary. Deeply involved in jazz as a broadcaster, Clancy also worked in the theatre before becoming program director at KCSM-FM where she has hosted A Morning Cup of Jazz daily for more than 30 years.

“Clancys speaking voice is ideal for the role of Casey McKie. Tough yet warm with a hint of sexiness, she sounds like someone you would both like and be careful not to mess with. Not only does she imbue Casey with the characteristics expected in a no-nonsense PI, she also has the skill to make subtle changes to pitch and volume when other characters are speaking, thus making her storytelling real and immediate. Additionally, and appropriately, Clancys timing is that of a musician."

                      Rebecca Parris         Ernestine Anderson       Kristi King as Doris Day                  

Joan Merrill, in addition to the 5 Casey McKie novels, has producd "Que Sera! Celebrating Doris Day," 14 NPR Jazz Profiles, several CDs, liner notes, websites and currently a weekly radio show for jazz station WETF in South Bend, Indiana.
An avid Carmen McRae fan, she produced a video documentary, a Jazz Profile and a website for the singer.  "She has intimate knowledge of the world in which this tale is set...her characters and the club and festival background is accurately portrayed.”

– Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal, May, 2021. For full review, click here.

Jazz singer-pianist Shanna Carlson said "The author did a great job of keeping things 'real'" and singer Carol Sloane called the novel  “exceptionally intelligent.”

The novelist also acts as a tour guide to her PI’s home base of San Francisco, which she obviously knows well.

"And All That Motive" audiobook in available at and
Less than $15. no membership required