joan merrill, author of the Casey McKie mysteries 
murder and mayhem in the world of jazz
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And All That Stalking: A Casey McKie Mystery

When a woman is found murdered, San Francisco PI Casey McKie takes the case as a favor to her friend Dee Jefferson, who wants Casey to prove the man accused of the crime is innocent.
Casey discovers the crime scene is free of forensic evidence and figures it’s the work of an experienced killer. More murders with the same MO prove her hunch correct.
Since all the victims were young singers, Casey concludes the killer is someone from the jazz community. Is it Tony, the womanizing  owner of a club where they all sang? Or songwriter Bernie Silvers, who pestered them to perform his tunes? Or is it actually Greg, who has a history of violence?
After a string of dead ends, Casey is forced to use a singer as bait to catch the killer.



“The pace is crisp, the dialogue snappy and apposite, and the comments on jazz, the music and the people, are insightful...Merrill writes with flair and imagination and this book will appeal to both lovers of crime fiction and jazz fans.’ - Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal International

“Imagine a setting as syncopated as San Francisco; and the lingo of hard-nosed local gendarmes. Mix both in the unpredictable environment of jazz, and you have an irresistible recipe for another exhilarating page-turner from Joan Merrill and her alter ego, Detective Casey McKie.” -
Harvey Siders, JazzTimes


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If you liked AND ALL THAT MADNESS, you will like this one. It is narrated by Liisa Avary, a professional actress who acted for several years at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and knows how to squeeze all the drama out of a book!!!

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