joan merrill, author of the Casey McKie mysteries 
murder and mayhem in the world of jazz

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And All That Madness - A Casey McKie Mystery

When the New York Jazz Society acquires a fifty-year old letter from Georgia Valentine, questions arise over the legendary vocalist’s death.
Did she give herself a fatal dose of heroin, as the original investigators ruled, or did someone kill her? And if it was murder, what was the motive?
Casey moves her operation from San Francisco to New York to investigate the cold case, interviewing Georgia’s musician friends, her widower, a drug dealer, a Broadway actress, a mafia boss and the authorities who declared the death a suicide.
This quest takes Casey to New York’s most venerable jazz clubs, a Harlem nursing home, a mob-owned Italian restaurant, a lesbian bar and the NYPD. She joins forces
with an attractive detective from the Organized Crime unit, and, as the case progresses, so does their relationship.
With no shortage of suspects, Casey ultimately uncovers evidence rev
ealing a surprising killer.
COMMENT BY CAROL SLOANE, jazz singer and writer,
Author Joan Merrill has produced yet another captivating mystery as part of her on-going detective series featuring SF detective Casey McKie. As usual, Ms. Merrill has masterfully woven her love of jazz and its practitioners into a tale of intrigue and revenge, all set to the beat of the blues and be-bop. A colorful, exceptionally intelligent thriller, most highly recommended.

COMMENT BY BRUCE CROWTHER, crime novelist and jazz writer:
A well-constructed, slickly-told detective story that follows Casey as she encounters now-ageing people who were involved in the singer’s life, among them musicians, agents, former lovers, criminals, cops, archivists, fans, all of them realistically portrayed. (By the way, the author keeps the reader guessing and I was agreeably surprised at the identity of the killer.) For fans of crime fiction and jazz, the solid background will be a distinct plus. For readers unfamiliar with the jazz world, the unusual background and richly-drawn characters will be a refreshing change. This is Merrill’s fourth Casey McKie tale (previous books reviewed here in January and June 2011 and September 2012) and this one emphatically underlines the writer’s many qualities, among which are her secure knowledge of jazz, her believable settings, and her light touch with dialogue. Definitely a good read.
reprinted from Jazz Journal International



Through the excellent and nuanced narration of KCSM’s Alicia Clancy, the characters of this fifty- year-old cold case become vividly alive. What a thrill for my first audio book experience! It was well worth the six- hour-plus listening time.”
-- Denise Perrier, jazz singer, San Francisco,

“Joan Merrill’s leading character, jazz-loving private eye Casey McKie, recounts events in a first-person narrative that lends itself admirably to an audio rendition. The reader is Alisa Clancy, radio host of Morning Cup of Jazz at KCSM Jazz91, who has a warm, husky, thoroughly engaging voice. The author’s words and Alisa’s voice effortlessly conjure up the atmosphere, then and now, of New York’s jazz scene.”
– Bruce Crowther, novelist and jazz historian.

“Listening to the audio “And all That Madness” was like watching a good movie with my ears. Loved it!!!! Outstanding work from Alisa Clancy!”
- Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs, JaZzLine Radio and TV,

“I was enthralled! Such a fantastic topic and setting for a mystery! I had planned to listen to it in the car for my daily trek to work but found myself bringing it into the house and finishing it in one day. Having been listening to audio books since childhood, I am quite an expert at the fine art of storytelling and I have to say Ms. Clancy is the best I've heard.”
Demos Petropoulos

“The story kept building in suspense and tension, the sign of a well-written novel. The narrator seamlessly portrayed all kinds of different characters, regardless of ethnicity or gender. The atmosphere was very effective, expertly capturing the essence of jazz.”
–- Jason Valdes, jazz fan and collector

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